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Our Process

The process and time frame for completion of a QDRO varies depending on a variety of factors.  Below, the process is described in general terms. 

Gather and Analyze Information

Review Intake information
Review Judgment/Marital Settlement
Review Account/Benefit Statements and Election Forms
Request additional information, if necessary

Estimate 1 – 2 weeks
(from the date we receive all requested information)
Many factors affect the time frame including number of plans to be divided; complexity of issues; the quality of information provided.  If calculations are required, additional time is required to gather all necessary account statements and perform the computation.  Time frame varies based on time period covered by calculations


Prepare Draft QDRO

Draft QDRO tailored to terms of the Plan and in a manner consistent with Judgment/MSA; community property law and/or parties’ agreement

Estimate 3 – 4 weeks
(from date all information required to prepare QDRO has been provided or obtained)


Submit Draft QDRO to Plan Administrator for review/Copy of submission sent to client; await Plan Administrator response

If appropriate the QDRO is submitted to Plan Administrator for review and preliminary approval

Estimate 4 weeks
(to obtain Plan Administrator’s response to request for review and preliminary approval)
Client will receive the draft QDRO and a Summary of the Attached QDRO for review


Review Plan Administrator Response to Request for Approval and Respond to inquiries, concerns, clarifications

Plan Administrator request for changes/clarifications occur for many reasons often having to do with the manner in which Plan is administered

Estimate 0 – 2 weeks
(if corrections or changes are required by Plan Administrator)
Changes that require resubmission to the Plan Administrator will extend time frame


Circulate Final QDRO to parties to sign and return; await signed QDRO from Client

Once approved by the Plan Administrator, we send the Final QDRO to all parties to sign and return

Estimate 2 – 4 weeks


Submit signed QDRO to the Court; await Court signed QDRO

Upon receipt of fully signed QDRO, we submit the QDRO to the Court

Estimate 2 – 4 weeks
(Varies depending on the Court to which the QDRO is submitted)


Submit signed QDRO to the Court; await Court signed QDRO

Upon receipt of the Court signed QDRO, we serve the final order on the Plan Administrator to review and process

Estimate 2 – 4 weeks
(Varies based on the Plan Administrator review time)

Total Processing Time:

Estimate: 3 – 6 Months
Please recognize that your case is unique and that circumstances of your case may cause some variation in the process and time estimates below.  The information contained herein is NOT part of our contact or guarantee for services and intended solely for the purpose of outlining each step in the process and estimated time frame.